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Douglas James Smyth CROZIER

Doctor of Laws
honoris causa

The University most proudly and affectionately recalls its long connection with the Honourable Douglas James Smyth Crozier, a Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George. He arrived in Hong Kong almost thirty years ago to join the Government Education Department as a history teacher, and during his first tour was a foundation member of the Hong Kong Teacher's Association. Following the Second World War he undertook the exacting editorial task of resuscitating the Association's Journal, the Path of Learning.

Recognition of an outstanding capacity as educator and administrator came ten years ago with his appointment as Director of Education of this Colony. Very quickly in that year followed appointment to the Legislative Council and the University Court and Senate. In 1956 he was elected to the highest advisory body of Her Majesty's Government in Hong Executive Council. As Director of Education he has been responsible for phenomenal developments and changes. The establishment of the Evening School of Higher Chinese Studies; the Grantham Training College, and the New Technical College; an ambitious seven-year primary school expansion programme; the development of post-secondary colleges towards degree-granting status, grant-in-aid schemes to three Colleges; schemes that provide aid to a host of private schools in the Colony: these are the measure of his vision, energy, and drive. Simple and direct evidence of the responsibilities that he has shouldered lies in school enrolment figures, which have risen during his tenure of office from 149,000 to 572,000 children.

He has served this University well and long. Before the war he taught here, at various times, economic history, logic, and ethics. And today we still call upon his extensive experience and wise counsel in the Senate. His advice has always been of immense value, and always offered in a manner characteristically gentle but incisive.

Citation written and delivered by Dr the Hon A M Rodrigues, Chairman of the Jubilee Committee.

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