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A Dignified Ceremony in Honour of Eminence

The Chancellor, being the chief officer of the University will preside at all degree congregations. The Pro-Chancellor, with delegated powers from the Chancellor, shall preside when the Chancellor is absent. This protocol continues to be honoured to this day.

When the ceremony begins, the University Procession in full academic regalia proceeds onto the stage, with members of the University Court (our supreme advisory body) leading, followed by designated members of the University, key administrators, the Deans of Faculties, the Vice-Presidents and Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Executive Vice-President, the Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, the honorary graduands, the President and Vice-Chancellor, the Chairman of Council, Pro-Chancellor and Chancellor. The Mace Bearer always precedes the Presiding Officer.

The President and Vice-Chancellor, as the principal academic and administrative officer of the University, will present candidates to the Presiding Officer, after which the Public Orator will read the citations. After the Presiding Officer formally admits the candidates to their honorary degrees, the honorary graduates will sign the University Register. Once all the degrees are conferred, one of the honorary graduates will address the Congregation on behalf of the newly admitted graduates. Upon completion of the address, the ceremony will draw to a close.