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Harold Hunsberger LOUCKS

Doctor of Laws
honoris causa

The Public Orator, Dr. Leo D’Almada E Castro, C.B.E., Q.C., LL.D., made the following citation:

Too few Americans give us the opportunity of doing them honour, for which reason it is with the more pleasure that we ask you today, Mr. Chancellor, to confer on Dr. Harold Loucks, Doctor of Medicine, our honorary degree of Doctor of Laws. Dr. Loucks has been associated with his profession since 1917 and with our part of the world since 1922, when he joined the Peking Union Medical College, of which in 1930 he was appointed Professor and Head of the Department of Surgery. He was interned by the Japanese in 1942, repatriated, and two years later resumed his connections with the East by going to Chungking as visiting Professor of Military Surgery.

We have it on reliable authority that for a surgeon to forgo his career in order to go to the aid of physicians is almost unprecedented. This is what Dr. Loucks did in 1946 when, because of his great affection for the Chinese people, he gave up his ambitions in academic surgery so that he might devote himself to the advancement of medical education in the Far East; and largely to his efforts in this direction do we owe the many contributions by the China Medical Board to medical education and research in this Colony. Of his time and experience he has given us much in the last fifteen years, and his sage advice has been invaluable in the development of our Medical Faculty.

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