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Ordinary Degrees Congregation, the University of Hong Kong

208th Congregation

Welcome New Graduates

Your HKU alumni identity is lifelong and it does not require any registration.Check out the exclusive alumni privileges including Graduation Gifts Set, global networks, events and more…

MoreInformation on Welcome New Graduates

Permanent HKU email account

A permanent email account will be automatically created for you upon graduation.

MoreInformation on Permanent HKU email account

Graduate Employment Survey

Update us your destinations or employment by completing the GES 2022 online.

MoreInformation on Graduate Employment Survey

Updating of personal particulars

Don't forget to update your personal particulars to keep your SIS data up-to-date. 

MoreInformation on Updating of personal particulars

Graduate Career Support

One-stop hub of career services and resources tailored for new graduates.

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Communications and
Public Affairs Office

Tel: 2219 4263