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Collection of Certificates

Certificate Holder‚Äč

Details for Class of 2017 will be announced in November. 

Graduates of Class of 2016 can collect their certificates from the Academic Services Office during office hours from December 14, 2016 (Wednesday) onwards. Your HKID card or passport is required for verification for the collection of certificate. 

Please click here for the authorisation form if you wish to arrange a representative to collect the certificate on your behalf or to request the certificate to be sent to you by registered mail. 

Please refer to the website of the Academic Services Office for their opening hours and location.  

Transcript and Testimonial

If you wish to apply for transcript and/or testimonial, please go to the following website for details and application forms are available at: 

Certificate Holder

Thank you very much for your support of the HKU Class Giving Scholarship Fund. The online donation period is over.

A general version certificate holder (without the gold-embossed Class of 2017 on the back cover) will be available at the Certificate Holder Collection Counter with a donation of HK$220 (while stocks last). For details, please visit the Class of 2017 website.