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Permanent HKU Email Accounts for Graduands

A permanent email account will be provided to each of the current batch of Graduands. Without having to login to HKU Portal for accessing, the HKU Connect is an outsourced email service running on the Google platform. 

Graduands who have been using HKU Connect email service can keep their email accounts for use after graduation.  Those who have been using the HKUSU1 systems, an email account will be created for each of them upon their graduation.      

HKU Connect email accounts will be automatically created for Graduands, there is no need to apply for it.  This graduate account has the same name and initial password as the student account, ie, the same for accessing HKU Portal.  If your former student account/HKU Portal login is and password abcd1234, your graduate account is with the same password abcd1234.

To access your graduate email account, please go to and then click "CONNECT.HKU.HK".

Please keep checking your mail box to get messages from the University.

Please click here for further information.

If you have any problem, please contact the Information Technology Services at for assistance.