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Honorary University Fellows

Ms YUEN So Moy
2009 Honorary University Fellow
Ms YUEN So Moy

Citation delivered by Dr Albert CHAU, Dean of Student Affairs

Ms YUEN So Moy served at University Hall for over four decades, from 1957 until her retirement in 1998. Her official job titles – Cook IV, Assistant Cook and Hall Attendant – belie the importance of her contributions to the Hall and to HKU. Affectionately known as [三嫂 ] (or "Auntie Three") to hallites of University Hall, she dedicated a lifetime of service to the University, in the process contributing to the development of many generations of Castlers – the name hallites of University Hall call themselves.

Sam So joined University Hall with her husband, Mr Wai Leung, as the Hall's catering contractor in 1957, a year after the Hall opened. She not only helped in the kitchen, but quickly also assumed the role of a kindly maternal figure to the young men – preparing special meals for those who were ill, and offering solace or encouragement where it was needed. It is hardly surprising that she earned much respect from many Castlers.

Sam So has contributed to higher education in the most fundamental of ways: by nurturing, sustaining and strengthening the emotional well-being of generations of Castlers. She has demonstrated that one can, regardless of rank or duties, make a genuine difference to other people's lives through love and commitment to one's job. Castlers came to her for advice not only on study and careers matters, but also personal matters, such as how to court a girl one admired. In 1990, she was elected 'Honorary Life Member' of University Hall by its residents.

Sam So's devotion to the Hall has not wavered since her retirement in 1998. The new Castlers continue to pass on her legend, from one generation to the next. She returns to the Hall regularly to encourage the new Castlers, and tell them the standards and ideals they should aspire to. Castlers continue to pay tribute to her at their wedding banquets by serving her "Daughter-in-law tea".

Due to war, Sam So has not had the benefit of any formal education, however, she is certainly an inspiring mentor and teacher. Education is about life-affecting-life and she has certainly altered the lives of many Castlers.