Undergraduate Projects


Final Year Projects:

2015 - 2016
Investigation of Frequency-Dependent Characteristics of Somatosensory Thalamo-cortical Circuit by Optogenetic fMRI and Electrophysiology Lam Brian (MedE)
3-D modelling of chick embryo head development and growth Chong Baxi(MedE)


2014 - 2015
Graph Theorectical Analysis of Function Brain Networks Lee Chak Man (MedE)
FMRI Study on Multiplication Processing - Triple Code Model
You Suhang (MedE)


2013 - 2014
Functional MRI Investigation of Information Processing in Auditory System  Deng Yuqi (MedE)


2012 - 2013
Accelerate Magnetic Resonance Imaging by Compressed Sensing
Chan Richard Malcolm (MedE)
In vivo MRI of Brain Structure, Connectivity and Cell Activities
Leong Tze Lun Alex (MedE)


2011 - 2012
In vivo MRI tracking of neural stem cell activities in living brains Louis Tsang (MedE)
Functional MRI Investigation of Brain Functions Harris Liu (MedE)
MRI Functional Investigation of Auditory System in Mammalian Brains Claire Park (MedE)


2010 - 2011
Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Neurogenesis Eva Chan (MedE)
Functional MRI in Rodent Central Nervous System Leon Ho (MedE)
Development of a semi-automatic lesion tracking and measurement tool for monitoring treatment response of cancers
 Russell Chan (MedE)


2009 - 2010
In Vivo High-Resolution MRI of Rodent Neuroanatomy Frank Lee (MedE)
In Vivo MRI Tracking of Endogenous Neural Stem/Progenitor Cell Migration Ho Ho Lam (MedE)


2008 - 2009
MRI Investigation of Spinal Cord Injury and Subsequence Recovery in Neonates Lawrence Poon Chin Ho (MedE)
Development of Novel Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Gary Fung Tsz Ho 


2007 - 2008
MRI study of myocardial structure and functions Kyle Cheng Ho Yiu (MedE)
Development of novel MRI contrast agents for biomedical applications Harry Chiu Chi Tat (MedE)
Quantitative MR Diffusion Tensor Imaging Dave Cheung Ka Hei (MedE)
Quantitative medical image analysis for biomedical applications Raymond Lau Wai Man (MedE)
fMRI study on rat model with chronic spinal cord compression Poe Chan Po Mak (MedE)


2006 - 2007
MRI-based Rodent Brain Atlas For Biomedical Research Ma Da (EEE)
Diffusion Tensor MR imaging in head injury Stanley Siu Hiu Fai (MedE)
Cell labeling for in vivo MRI monitoring Tracy Chow Yee Mau (MedE)
In vivo MRI study of nerve degeneration and regeneration in animal models Matthew Cheung Man Hin (MedE)
In vivo MRI characterization of liver cancer Christine Ho Ka Man (MedE)
Quantitative MRI and data analysis for biomedical applications Darrell Li Ting Hung (MedE)   


2005 - 2006
MRI study of optic nerve in glaucoma model Kevin Chan Chuen Wing (MedE)
Stem Cell Labelling for in Vitro MRI April Chow Mei Kwan (MedE)
MRI Tumor Characterization in Animal Models of Liver Cancer Lam Kam Chun (MedE)
In vivo MR Microimaging of Bones for Structural Assessment Wong Kam Fu (MedE)


2004 - 2005
Monitoring of biological parameters using intra-cardiac electrogram   Jerry Cheung Shing Chung (MedE)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging on Permanent Low Field Magnet   Edward Hui Sai Kam (MedE)
3D reconstruction of coronary artery stenosis using intravascular ultrasound   Leung Hiu Man (MedE)
Blood flow study for various grafts   Alex Kwok Keng Fai (MedE)