Undergraduate Projects

Final Year Projects


Investigation of frequency-dependent characteristics of somatosensory thalamo-cortical circuit by optogenetic fMRI and electrophysiology - Lam Brian

3-D modelling of chick embryo head development and growth - Chong Baxi


Graph theorectical analysis of function brain networks - Lee Chak Man

fMRI study on multiplication processing - triple code model - You Suhang


Functional MRI Investigation of Information Processing in Auditory System - Deng Yuqi


Accelerate Magnetic Resonance Imaging by Compressed Sensing - Chan Richard Malcolm

In vivo MRI of Brain Structure, Connectivity and Cell Activities - Leong Tze Lun Alex


In vivo MRI tracking of neural stem cell activities in living brains - Louis Tsang

Functional MRI investigation of brain functions - Harris Liu

MRI functional investigation of auditory system in mammalian brains - Claire Park


Magnetic resonance imaging of neurogenesis - Eva Chan

Functional MRI in rodent central nervous system - Leon Ho

Development of a semi-automatic lesion tracking and measurement tool for monitoring treatment response of cancers - Russell Chan


In vivo high-resolution MRI of rodent neuroanatomy - Frank Lee

In vivo MRI tracking of endogenous neural stem/progenitor cell migration - Ho Ho Lam


MRI investigation of spinal cord injury and subsequence recovery in neonates - Lawrence Poon Chin Ho

Development of novel contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging - Gary Fung Tsz Ho


MRI study of myocardial structure and functions - Kyle Cheng Ho Yiu

Development of novel MRI contrast agents for biomedical applications Harry Chiu Chi Tat

Quantitative MR diffusion tensor imaging - Dave Cheung Ka Hei

Quantitative medical image analysis for biomedical applications - Raymond Lau Wai Man

fMRI study on rat model with chronic spinal cord compression Poe Chan Po Mak


MRI-based rodent brain atlas for biomedical research - Ma Da


Diffusion Tensor MR imaging in head injury - Stanley Siu Hiu Fai

Cell labeling for in vivo MRI monitoring - Tracy Chow Yee Mau

In vivo MRI study of nerve degeneration and regeneration in animal models - Matthew Cheung Man Hin

In vivo MRI characterization of liver cancer - Christine Ho Ka Man

Quantitative MRI and data analysis for biomedical applications - Darrell Li Ting Hung


MRI study of optic nerve in glaucoma model - Kevin Chan Chuen Wing

Stem cell labelling for in vitro MRI - April Chow Mei Kwan

MRI tumor characterization in animal models of liver cancer - Lam Kam Chun

In vivo MR microimaging of bones for structural assessment - Wong Kam Fu


Monitoring of biological parameters using intra-cardiac electrogram - Jerry Cheung Shing Chung

Magnetic resonance imaging on permanent low field magnet - Edward Hui Sai Kam

3D reconstruction of coronary artery stenosis using intravascular ultrasound - Leung Hiu Man

Blood flow study for various grafts - Alex Kwok Keng Fai