25th Annual Meeting of ISMRM Merit Award Recipients (2017)
Award Authors Title
Summa Cum Laude Y Liu Calibrationless Parallel Imaging Reconstruction Using Hankel Tensor Completion (HTC)
Summa Cum Laude M Lyu Robust 2D Nyquist Ghost Correction for Simultaneous Multislice (SMS) EPI Using Phase Error Correction SENSE and Virtual Coil SAKE
Summa Cum Laude Y Qiu Brain-wide Interaction of Low Frequency Hippocampal Activity with Layer-specific Cortical and Subcortical Regions: An Optogenetic Manganese-enhanced MRI Study
Magna Cum Laude CM Dong Optogenetically-Evoked Somatosensory Inputs Enhance Sound Processing in the Auditory System
Magna Cum Laude AT Leong Optogenetic Resting-State fMRI Reveals Thalamic Modulation of Long-Range Sensory Networks