21st Annual Meeting of ISMRM Merit Award Recipients (2013)
Award Authors Title
Summa Cum Laude JW Zhang bSSFP fMRI Study of Sound Amplitude Modulation in Inferior Colliculus 
Magna Cum Laude AM Wang Assessment of Degradation of Proteoglycans and Matrix Proteins in Intervertebral Disc Degeneration by Diffusion Weighted MRS
Magna Cum Laude IY Zhou Anatomical/Axonal Basis and Plasticity of Resting-State fMRI Connectivity in an Experimental Model of Corpus Callosum Transection 
Magna Cum Laude P Cao Simultaneous SE-BOLD and T2* Measurement by Functional MRS of Water Signal
Magna Cum Laude P Cao in vivo Diffusion Assessment of Intramyocellular Lipid Droplet Size Changes Associated with High-Fat Diet Induced Obesity and Streptozotocin Induced Diabetes
Magna Cum Laude PP Gao BOLD fMRI Study of Rat Inferior Colliculus Activated by an Oddball Paradigm
Magna Cum Laude RW Chan Change in Tissue Microstructure and Resting-State Functional Connectivity in Hippocampus During Pregnancy
Magna Cum Laude S Fan Activity-Modulated Interhemispheric Manganese Transfer Upon Intracortical Injection
Magna Cum Laude WA Han A Surface Diffusion Method for Cortical Mn Administration in MEMRI
Magna Cum Laude IY Zhou Spectral Changes in Resting-State fMRI Connectivity Induced by Corpus Callosum Transection 
Magna Cum Laude RW Chan Interhemispheric Connectivity in MEMRI Correlates with Interhemispheric in Resting-State fMRI 
Magna Cum Laude S Fan Transcallosal Connectivity Changes in Rodent Visual Cortex Following Monocular Enucleation or Light Deprivation: An MEMRI Study