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Honorary University Fellows

Dr FONG Yun Wah
2006 Honorary University Fellow
Dr FONG Yun Wah

Citation delivered by the Dean of Arts, Professor Kam Louie:

Dr Fong Yun Wah is a native of Dongguan city, and is the Chairman of the Hip Shing Hong Group of Companies, the Fong Shu Fook Tong Foundation and the Fong Yun Wah Foundation.

With his own schooling interrupted by the Sino-Japanese war, Dr Fong is particularly committed to helping to realise the potential of others through education. Continuing his family's strong philanthropic tradition, he has established dozens of schools on the Mainland, and sponsorships from his family's Foundations have also been directed to all tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. The University of Hong Kong has long been a grateful recipient of the Fong family's support. The Fong Shu Chuen Amenities Centre commemorates his father's philanthropy to the University, and Dr Fong has purposefully followed his father's example, contributing generously to the University's research endeavours, enthusiastically taking part in its activities, and graciously offering his wise counsel when needed.

Dr Fong has received so many Honorary Doctorates and Honorary Citizenships from around the world, that the term 'global citizen' seems custom-fitted for him. He was named a Justice of the Peace, and holds the Medal of the British Empire as well as the Silver Bauhinia Medal of the HKSAR. But among the honours awarded to him, perhaps the most interesting, if not fitting, is that the International Committee for the Naming of Asteroid/Comet has permitted an asteroid to be named the 'Fong Yun Wah Star'. A lofty accolade indeed.

It gives me great pleasure, Mr Pro-Chancellor, to present Dr Fong Yun Wah for the Honorary University Fellowship, in recognition of his contributions to Hong Kong and academia.