Parents of special needs children have long worried about how to ensure the assets they bequeath to their children will be managed in their best interests. Now there is a solution thanks to the work of Professor Lusina Ho and Ms Rebecca Lee of the Faculty of Law: a government-managed Special Needs Trust.

Engineering student Sidhant Gupta has led fellow students to apply their learning to solve difficult problems in the real world, including mapping coral reefs and devising an affordable braille reader that works with smartphones.

Law Scholars Provide Inspiration for Special Needs Trust

Student Visions for Coral Reefs and

the Blind


A student-led social enterprise is addressing the problem of food waste by selling products that have passed the ‘best before’ date but are still safe to eat.

A place on United Nations body gives University’s Policy for Sustainability Lab a voice in global discussion on the environment.

The Business of
‘Best before’

A Global Voice on Sustainability Policy

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May 2019

Volume 20

No. 2

Knowledge Exchange