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Professor Evans, Matthew R.
Acting Director, Dean & Professor (生物科學學院署理院長, 理學院長及教授)
  • Climate change impacts
  • Computational ecology
  • Behavioural ecology
  • Evolutionary biology
  • Conservation biology
Tel: 3917 2682
Fax: 2858 4620
Written: English (英文)
Spoken: English (英語)
Dr Bonebrake, Timothy C.
Deputy Director of Ecology and Biodiversity & Associate Professor (生物科學學院代理院長及副教授)
  • Conservation
  • Ecology
  • Forensics
  • Global Change
  • Global Change, Conservation Biology, Tropical Ecology, Natural History, Urban Ecosystems, Climate, Biogeography, Lepidoptera.
Tel: 2299 0675
Fax: 2559 9114
Written: English (英文)
Spoken: English (英語)
Dr El-Nezami, Hani
Deputy Director of Cell and Molecular Biology & Associate Professor (生物科學學院代理院長及副教授)
  • Endocrinology
  • Microbiology
  • Physiology
  • Food safety and toxicology with special focus on natural carcinogens; Transplacental transfer of toxins and disease development later in life; Probiotics and the prevention of liver and metabolic syndrome diseases.
Tel: 2299 0835
Fax: 2559 9114
Written: English (英文)
Spoken: English (英語)
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