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Award Recipients 2010

Group photo 2010


University Distinguished Teaching Award 大學卓越教學獎

Dr TSING Nam Kiu, Department of Mathematics 數學系 丁南僑博士

Outstanding Teaching Award 傑出教學獎

Mr John LIN Chun Han, Department of Architecture 建築學系 林君翰先生
Dr David Martin POMFRET, School of Humanities (History) 人文學院 (歷史) POMFRET博士
Professor Bennett YIM Chi Kin, School of Business 商學院 嚴志堅教授

Mr Peter LEE Kai Kwong 李啟光先生 (Leader), Professor Leslie George THAM 譚國煥教授, Professor Albert KWAN Kwok Hung 關國雄教授, Dr SU Kai Leung 蘇啟亮博士, Dr GUO Dajiang 郭大江博士 and Dr HUANG Yuping 黃玉平博士, Department of Civil Engineering for the Mingde Projects 土木工程系「明德工程」

Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award 傑出研究生導師獎

Professor CHAN Ying Shing, Department of Physiology 生理學系 陳應城教授
Professor Mohan Maheswaran KUMARASWAMY, Department of Civil Engineering 土木工程系 顧茂翰教授
Dr YEUNG Yuk Fung, School of Chinese 中文學院 楊玉峯博士

Outstanding Researcher Award 傑出研究學者獎

Professor Christopher Mark HUTTON, School of English 英文學院 HUTTON教授
Professor SUN Hongzhe, Department of Chemistry 化學系 孫紅哲教授
Professor Ed WU Xuekui, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 電機電子工程系 吳學奎教授
Professor Richard YUEN Man Fung, Department of Medicine 內科學系 袁孟峰教授

Outstanding Young Researcher Award 傑出青年研究學者獎

Dr Barbara CHAN Pui, Department of Mechanical Engineering 機械工程系 陳佩博士
Professor Cecilia CHENG, Department of Psychology 心理學系 鄭思雅教授
Dr CUI Xiaodong, Department of Physics 物理學系 崔曉冬博士
Dr Julia Christine KUEHN, School of English 英文學院 KUEHN博士
Ms Rebecca LEE Wing Chi, Department of Law 法律學系 李頴芝女士
Dr Eric TSE Wai Choi, Department of Medicine 內科學系 謝偉財博士
Dr WANG Yu, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy 藥理及藥劑學系 汪玉博士

Research Output Prize 最佳研究著作獎


Faculty of Architecture 建築學院

'Sick Building Syndrome and Perceived Indoor Environmental Quality: A Survey of Apartment Buildings in Hong Kong'
By Dr WONG Siu Kei 黃紹基博士*, Professor Lawrence LAI Wai Chung 黎偉聰教授*, Dr Daniel HO Chi Wing
何志榮博士*, Professor CHAU Kwong Wing 鄒廣榮教授*, Professor Cindy LAM Lo Kuen 林露娟教授* and
Dr Chris NG Hung Fai 吳鴻輝博士
Published in Habitat International, 33, 4 (2009), 463-471

Faculty of Arts 文學院

Contact Languages: Ecology and Evolution in Asia
By Dr Umberto ANSALDO 洪柏陶博士*
Published by New York: Cambridge University Press (2009), 257 pages

Faculty of Business and Economics 經濟及工商管理學院

'The Effect of Regulatory Orientation and Decision Strategy on Brand Judgments'
By Dr Echo WAN Wen 萬雯博士*, Dr HONG Jiewen 洪潔雯博士 and Professor Brian STERNTHAL
Published in Journal of Consumer Research, 35 (April 2009), 1026-1038

Faculty of Dentistry 牙醫學院

'Microbiology of Odontogenic Bacteremia: Beyond Endocarditis'
By Dr Nipuna Bandara PARAHITIYAWA, Professor JIN Lijian 金力堅教授*, Professor LEUNG Wai Keung
梁惠強教授*, Dr YAM Wing Cheong 任永昌博士* and Professor Lakshman Perera SAMARANAYAKE
Published in Clinical Microbiology Reviews, 22 (2009), 46-64

Faculty of Education 教育學院

'From the Horse's Mouth: What Scientists Say About Scientific Investigation and Scientific Knowledge'
By Dr Alice WONG Siu Ling 黃小玲博士* and Professor Derek HODSON
Published in Science Education, 93, 1 (2009), 109-130

Faculty of Engineering 工程學院

'Site Response to Multi-directional Earthquake Loading: A Practical Procedure'
By Dr YANG Jun 楊峻博士* and Ms YAN Xiaorong 閻曉榮女士*
Published in Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 29 (2009), 710-721

Faculty of Law 法律學院

'Customary Non-Refoulement of Refugees and Automatic Incorporation into the Common Law: A Hong Kong Perspective'
By Mr Oliver Richard JONES*
Published in International and Comparative Law Quarterly, 58 (April 2009), 443-468

Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine 李嘉誠醫學院

'A Mutation in Ihh that Causes Digit Abnormalities Alters Its Signaling Capacity and Range'
By Dr GAO Bo 高波博士, Dr HU Jianxin 胡建新博士, Dr Sigmar STRICKER, Dr Martin CHEUNG Chi Hang
張知恆博士*, Dr MA Gang 馬鋼博士, Miss Stephanie LAW Kit Fong 羅潔芳小姐*, Dr Florian WITTE,
Dr James BRISCOE, Professor Stefan MUNDLOS, Professor HE Lin 賀林教授, Professor Kathryn CHEAH Song Eng
謝賞恩教授* and Dr Danny CHAN 陳振勝博士*
Published in Nature, 458 (April 2009), 1196-1200

Faculty of Science 理學院

'Secretin as a Neurohypophysial Factor Regulating Body Water Homeostasis'
By Dr Jessica CHU Yan Shuen 朱恩璿博士*, Dr LEE Tsz On 李子安博士*, Dr LAI Chun Hong 黎振航博士*, Professor Hubert VAUDRY, Professor CHAN Ying Shing 陳應城教授*, Professor YUNG Wing Ho 容永豪教授 and Professor Billy CHOW Kwok Chong 鄒國昌教授*
Published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS), 106, 37 (2009), 15961-15966

Faculty of Social Sciences 社會科學學院

'Invigorating the Content in Social Embeddedness: An Ethnography of Life Insurance Transactions in China'
By Dr Cheris CHAN Shun Ching 陳純菁博士*
Published in American Journal of Sociology, 115, 3 (November 2009), 712-754

* HKU members at the time of publication

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