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Photo - Digital Plaque of Honour

Award Recipients 2022

University Distinguished Teaching Award

Mr David Lorin BISHOP, Faculty of Business and Economics

Outstanding Teaching Award

Dr Lisa CHEUNG Mei Ling 張美玲博士, Centre for Applied English Studies
Dr Rachel LUI Ka Wai 呂嘉蕙博士, Faculty of Science

Dr Michelle Reyes RAQUEL (Leader), Centre for Applied English Studies; Mr Simon David BOYNTON, Centre for Applied English Studies; Dr Jack TSAO 曹智杰博士, Common Core Office and Mr Donn Emmanuel Ventura GONDA, Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning
‘Communication-intensive Courses’

Early Career Teaching Award

Mr Nikolas ETTEL, Department of Architecture
Dr KHONG Mei Li, School of Clinical Medicine
Dr Austin Michael STRANGE, Department of Politics and Public Administration
Dr Abraham WAI Ka Chung 衛家聰醫生, Department of Emergency Medicine

Outstanding Researcher Award

Professor Douglas Wayne ARNER, Kerry Holdings Professor in Law, Department of Law
Professor HUANG Mingxin 黃明欣教授, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Professor TANG Chuyang 湯初陽教授, Department of Civil Engineering

Outstanding Young Researcher Award

Dr Lydia CHEUNG Wai Ting 張慧婷博士, School of Biomedical Sciences
Dr Shirley LI Xin 李馨博士, Department of Psychology
Dr RAN Lishan 冉立山博士, Department of Geography
Dr WANG Yufeng 王宇鋒博士, Department of Chemistry
Dr ZHANG Binzheng 張彬錚博士, Department of Earth Sciences
Dr Angela ZHANG Huyue 張湖月博士, Department of Law

Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award

Professor CHEN Ji 陳驥教授, Department of Civil Engineering
Professor CHU Chun Hung 朱振雄教授, Faculty of Dentistry
Dr WONG Chun Ming 黃俊銘博士, Department of Pathology

Knowledge Exchange Excellence Award

Dr HE Guojun 何國俊博士, Faculty of Business and Economics
‘The Extraordinary Success of China’s "War on Pollution"’

HKU Innovator Award

Professor HUANG Mingxin 黃明欣教授, Department of Mechanical Engineering

HKU Young Innovator Award

Dr YUAN Shuofeng 袁碩峰博士, Department of Microbiology


Faculty-specific awards have also been established to recognise outstanding achievements of academics in each Faculty. The presentation of Faculty-specific awards is arranged by the relevant Faculties.

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