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Photo - Plaque of Honour
This is the official online register of all academics who have been honoured by the University for their excellence in teaching, research and knowledge exchange.

The Plaque of Honour, created in 2017, is engraved with the names of those who have received University-level awards. You are very welcome to visit the Plaque which is located on LG/F, Centennial Campus (opposite OBC Grill and the Jockey Club Tower entrance).

The Plaque itself is updated annually to introduce the names of our newest awardees, but the names of all award recipients over the years can be found in the Archive.

Award Recipients 2018

University Distinguished Teaching Award 大學卓越教學獎

Professor Michael George BOTELHO, Faculty of Dentistry 牙醫學院 BOTELHO教授

Outstanding Teaching Award 傑出教學獎

Dr Janet Lorraine BORLAND, School of Modern Languages and Cultures 現代語言及文化學院 鮑蘭雅博士
Ms Tanya Jacqueline KEMPSTON, Faculty of Education 教育學院 KEMPSTON女士
Professor Alice WONG Sze Tsai, School of Biological Sciences 生物科學學院 黃思齊教授
Professor Daniel WONG Fu Keung, Department of Social Work and Social Administration 社會工作及社會行政學系 黃富強教授
Dr Patcy YEUNG Pui Sze, Faculty of Education 教育學院 楊佩詩博士

Dr Gary James HARFITT (Leader), Ms Jessie CHOW Mei Ling 周美玲女士 and Ms Candace MOK Wai Fung 莫蔚峰女士, Faculty of Education 教育學院 
‘Nurturing Today’s Students and Tomorrow’s Teachers through Experiential Learning’

Professor Gray Meredith KOCHHAR-LINDGREN (Leader), Common Core Office 核心課程事務處; Professor Gina MARCHETTI 馬蘭清教授, Faculty of Arts 文學院; Mr Mathew Robert PRYOR, Faculty of Architecture 建築學院 and Dr Julian Alexander TANNER, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine 李嘉誠醫學院 
‘Transdisciplinarity in Action: Creating Multiscalar Teaching and Learning Platforms in the Common Core’

Early Career Teaching Award 新晉教員教學獎

Dr Elizabeth Ann BARRETT, Faculty of Education 教育學院 BARRETT博士
Mr David LEE Seungwoo, Faculty of Business and Economics 經濟及工商管理學院 李乘雨先生
Dr Tom MCDONALD, Department of Sociology 社會學系 湯浩然博士
Dr Dirk SCHNIEDERS, Department of Computer Science 計算機科學系 SCHNIEDERS博士

Teaching Innovation Award 創新教學獎

Professor Michael George BOTELHO, Faculty of Dentistry 牙醫學院 BOTELHO教授

Outstanding Researcher Award 傑出研究學者

Professor LI Xuechen, Department of Chemistry 化學系 李學臣教授
Professor Nirmala RAO, Serena H C Yang Professor in Early Childhood Development and Education, Faculty of Education 教育學院 楊雪姫基金教授(幼兒發展與教育科) 劉麗薇教授

Outstanding Young Researcher Award 傑出青年研究學者

Miss Cora CHAN Sau Wai, Department of Law 法律學系 陳秀慧小姐
Dr Esther CHAN Wai Yin, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy 藥理及藥劑學系 陳慧賢博士
Dr GU Weixia, Department of Law 法律學系 顧維遐博士
Dr HUANG Mingxin, Department of Mechanical Engineering 機械工程系 黃明欣博士
Dr Benjamin Robert KANE, Department of Mathematics 數學系 李温福博士
Dr Victor LEE Ho Fun, Department of Clinical Oncology 臨床腫瘤學系 李浩勳醫生
Dr Janny LEUNG Hiu Chi, School of English 英文學院 梁曉姿博士
Dr Kai QUEK, Department of Politics and Public Administration 政治與公共行政學系 郭全鎧博士

Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award 傑出研究生導師

Professor Anskar LEUNG Yu Hung, Li Shu Fan Medical Foundation Professor in Haematology, Department of Medicine 內科學系 李樹芬醫學基金會基金教授(血液學) 梁如鴻教授
Professor Dennis LEUNG Yiu Cheong, Department of Mechanical Engineering 機械工程系 梁耀彰教授
Professor Anthony YEH Gar On, Chan To-Haan Professor in Urban Planning and Design, Department of Urban Planning and Design 城市規劃及設計系 陳道涵基金教授(城市規劃及設計) 葉嘉安教授

Knowledge Exchange Excellence Award 卓越知識交流獎

Ms Rebecca LEE Wing Chi 李頴芝女士 and Professor Lusina HO Kam Shuen, Harold Hsiao-Wo Lee Professor in Trust and Equity 何錦璇教授 利孝和基金教授(信託法及衡平法), Faculty of Law 法律學院
‘Introducing the Special Needs Trust to Hong Kong’

Professional Services Award 專業服務獎

Dr Leon LEI Chi Un, Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative 科創習新 李志遠博士

The HKU Exercise is Medicine on Campus (EIM@HKU) Project Team 「健康校園.運動是良藥」項目團隊



Faculty-specific awards have also been established to recognise outstanding achievements of academics in each Faculty. The presentation of Faculty-specific awards is arranged by the relevant Faculties.

Faculty Teaching Awards
Research Output Prize
Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award



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