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Award Recipients 2009

Group photo 2009


University Distinguished Teaching Award 大學卓越教學獎

Professor CHAN Lung Sang, Department of Earth Sciences 地球科學系 陳龍生教授
Mr Richard Anthony GLOFCHESKI, Department of Law 法律學系 GLOFCHESKI先生

Outstanding Teaching Award 傑出教學獎

Mr Jason Forbes CARLOW, Department of Architecture 建築學系 CARLOW 先生
Dr Chris CHAN Wai Hong, School of Business 商學院 陳維康博士
Professor Sophia CHAN Siu Chee, Department of Nursing Studies 護理學系 陳肇始教授
Professor David LUNG Ping Yee, Department of Architecture 建築學系 龍炳頤教授
Dr YIU Siu Ming, Department of Computer Science 計算機科學系 姚兆明博士

Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award 傑出研究生導師

Professor Cecilia CHAN Lai Wan, Si Yuan Professor in Health and Social Work, Department of Social Work and Social Administration 社會工作及社會行政學系 思源基金教授 (健康及社會工作學) 陳麗雲教授
Professor LAM Tak Wah, Department of Computer Science 計算機科學系 林德華教授
Professor Victor LI On Kwok, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 電機電子工程系 李安國教授
Dr SHAM Mai Har, Department of Biochemistry 生物化學系 岑美霞博士

Outstanding Young Researcher Award 傑出青年研究學者

Dr Giorgio BIANCOROSSO, School of Humanities (Music) 人文學院 (音樂) BIANCOROSSO博士
Dr LUI Wing Yee, School of Biological Sciences 生物科學學院 呂頴怡博士
Dr Nikolaos MAMOULIS, Department of Computer Science 計算機科學系 孟每思博士
Dr Gavin James SMITH, Department of Microbiology 微生物學系 SMITH博士
Dr Kenneth WONG Kin Yip, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 電機電子工程系 黃建業博士
Dr Judy YAM Wai Ping, Department of Pathology 病理學系 任蕙蘋博士
Mr Simon YOUNG Ngai Man, Department of Law 法律學系 楊艾文先生

Outstanding Researcher Award 傑出研究學者

Professor Frank DIKÖTTER, School of Humanities (History) 人文學院 (歷史) DIKÖTTER教授
Professor WANG Jian, Department of Physics 物理學系 王健教授
Professor WONG Sze Chun, Department of Civil Engineering 土木工程系 黃仕進教授
Professor Paul YIP Siu Fai, Department of Social Work and Social Administration 社會工作及社會行政學系 葉兆輝教授

Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 中國科學院院士

Professor Lap-Chee TSUI, Vice-Chancellor 校長徐立之教授

Research Output Prize 最佳研究著作獎


Faculty of Architecture 建築學院

'A Survey of the Health and Safety Conditions of Apartment Buildings in Hong Kong'
By Dr Daniel HO Chi Wing 何志榮博士*, Professor CHAU Kwong Wing 鄒廣榮教授*,
Mr Alex CHEUNG King Chung 張勁松先生*, Dr YAU Yung 邱勇博士*, Dr WONG Siu Kei 黃紹基博士*,
Mr LEUNG Hing Fung 梁慶豐先生*, Mr Stephen LAU Siu Yu 劉少瑜先生*, and Dr WONG Wah Sang 黃華生博士*
Published in Building and Environment, 43 (2008), 764-775

Faculty of Arts 文學院

Eastern Figures: Orient and Empire in British Writing
By Professor Douglas William Frere KERR*
Published by Hong Kong University Press (2008), 258 pages

Faculty of Business and Economics 經濟及工商管理學院

'Strengthening Customer Loyalty through Intimacy and Passion: Roles of Customer-Firm Affection and Customer-Staff Relationships in Services'
By Professor Bennett YIM Chi Kin 嚴志堅教授*, Professor David TSE Kwai Che 謝貴枝教授*, and
Dr Kimmy CHAN Wa 陳華博士
Published in Journal of Marketing Research, 45 (December 2008), 741-756

Faculty of Dentistry 牙醫學院

'Candida Albicans Biofilm Formation is Associated with Increased Anti-oxidative Capacities'
By Dr Chaminda Jayampath SENEVIRATNE*, Dr WANG Yu 汪玉博士*, Professor JIN Lijian 金力堅教授*,
Professor Yoshimitsu ABIKO, and Professor Lakshman Perera SAMARANAYAKE*
Published in Proteomics 8 (2008), 2936-2947

Faculty of Education 教育學院

'Energy Expenditure and Cardiovascular Responses to Seated and Active Gaming in Children'
By Ms Robin Rochelle MELLECKER* and Dr Alison Mary MCMANUS*
Published in Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, 162, 9 (2008), 886-891

Faculty of Engineering 工程學院

'A Microplate Compression Method for Elastic Modulus Measurement of Soft and Viscoelastic Collagen Microspheres'
By Dr Barbara CHAN Pui 陳佩博士*, Mr LI Chun Hei 李晉曦先生*, Mr AU YEUNG Kwan Lok 歐陽君諾先生*, Professor SZE Kam Yim 佘錦炎教授*, and Professor Alfonso NGAN Hing Wan 顏慶雲教授*
Published in Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 36, 7 (July 2008) 1254-1267

Faculty of Law 法律學院

'Dionysian Disarmament: Security Council WMD Coercive Disarmament Measures and Their Legal Implications'
By Dr James David FRY*
Published in Michigan Journal of International Law, 29, 2 (Winter 2008), 197-291

Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine 李嘉誠醫學院

'Heritable Somatic Methylation and Inactivation of MSH2 in Families with Lynch Syndrome due to Deletion of the 3' Exons of TACSTD1'
By Marjolijn J.L. LIGTENBERG, Roland P. KUIPER, Dr CHAN Tsun Leung 陳俊良博士*, Monique GOOSSENS,
Konnie M. HEBEDA, Marsha VOORENDT, Miss Tracy LEE Yuen Han 李婉嫺小姐*, Danielle BODMER,
Dr KONG Chi Kwan 江志羣醫生, Han G. BRUNNER, Ad Geurts van KESSEL, Professor YUEN Siu Tsan
袁兆燦教授*, J. Han J.M. van KRIEKEN, Professor LEUNG Suet Yi 梁雪兒教授*, and Nicoline HOOGERBRUGGE
Published in Nature Genetics,41, 1 (January 2009), 112-117 (Published online in December 2008)

Faculty of Science 理學院

Statistical DNA Forensics: Theory, Methods and Computation
By Professor FUNG Wing Kam 馮榮錦教授* and Dr HU Yueqing 胡躍清博士*
Published by England: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. (2008), 262 pages

Faculty of Social Sciences 社會科學學院

'Folkbiology Meets Microbiology: A Study of Conceptual and Behavioral Change'
By Professor Terry AU Kit Fong 區潔芳教授*, Dr Carol CHAN Kwai Kuen 陳桂涓博士* ,
Mr CHAN Tsz Kit 陳祉傑先生*, Dr Mike CHEUNG Wai Leung 張偉良博士, Mr Johnson HO Yiu Shun
何耀舜先生*, and Dr Grace IP Wai Man 葉慧敏博士
Published in Cognitive Psychology, 57 (2008), 1-19
* HKU members at the time of publication
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