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Dr Poch, Daniel
Associate Professor (副教授)
  • Modern and early modern Japanese literature, including the early modern-modern divide
  • History of feelings, sexuality and gender
  • Genre theory, especially poetry and the emergence of the Japanese novel in the Meiji period
  • History of literary thought and theories of literature in Japan
  • Japanese literature in transcultural and comparative perspectives (China-Japan-Europe)
Tel: 3917 4028
Fax: 2548 0487
Written: English, French, Japanese, German (英文、法文、日文、德文)
Spoken: English, French, Japanese, German (英語、法語、日語、德語)
Dr Borland, Janet
Assistant Professor (助理教授)
  • Modern Japanese history
  • History of child and youth health in pre-war Japan natural disasters and post-disaster reconstruction
Fax: 2548 0487
Written: Japanese, English (日文、英文)
Spoken: Japanese, English (日語、英語)
Dr Trambaiolo, Daniel
Assistant Professor (助理教授)
  • History of early modern Japan
  • History of medicine
  • History of East Asian cultural contacts
Tel: 3917 2906
Fax: 2548 0487
Written: English, Chinese, Japanese (英文、中文、日文)
Spoken: English, Putonghua, Japanese (英語、普通話、日語)
Dr Nakano, Yoshiko
Programme Coordinator, Associate Professor (課程統籌主任、副教授)
  • Globalization of Japanese products, especially home appliances
  • Japanese popular culture in Chinese societies
  • Intercultural communication
Tel: 3917 2905
Fax: 2548 0487
Written: Japanese, English (日文、英文)
Spoken: Japanese, English (日語、英語)
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