The Review 2009

64 Membership Category Member Membership Period Chairman Dr the Hon Edward Leong Che-hung 07.11.2009 - 06.11.2012 6 persons, not being students or Mr Lester G. Huang 07.11.2009 – 06.11.2012 employees of the University, Mrs Margaret M.Y. Leung Ko 07.11.2009 – 06.11.2012 appointed by the Chancellor Mr Martin C.K. Liao 07.11.2009 – 06.11.2012 Dr York Liao 07.11.2009 – 06.11.2012 Ms Ayesha Abbas MacPherson 07.11.2009 – 06.11.2012 6 persons, not being students or Mr Linus W.L. Cheung 28.01.2007 – 27.01.2010 employees of the University, Mr Paul M.Y. Chow 28.01.2007 – 27.01.2010 appointed by the Council Ms Wendy K.S. Gan 28.01.2007 – 27.01.2010 Mr Danny D.B. Ho 28.01.2007 – 27.01.2010 Dr John E. Strickland 28.01.2007 – 27.01.2010 Mr Allan C.Y. Wong 28.01.2007 – 27.01.2010 2 persons, not being students or Mr Man Cheuk Fei 24.06.2007 – 23.06.2010 employees of the University, elected by the Court Vice-Chancellor Professor Lap-Chee Tsui 01.09.2007 – 31.08.2012 Treasurer (Acting) Mr Paul M.Y. Chow 28.10.2008 – 4 full-time teachers elected in Professor Ng Tung-sang 05.12.2006 – 04.12.2009 accordance with regulations Dr Patrick H. Toy 05.12.2006 – 04.12.2009 Dr Albert T.C. Yeung 05.12.2006 – 04.12.2009 1 full-time employee of the University, Mr Cheung Pok-yin 29.11.2006 – 28.11.2009 not being a teacher, elected in accordance with regulations 1 full-time undergraduate student Miss Shing Hiu Yi 03.05.2009 – 02.05.2010 elected in accordance with regulations 1 full-time postgraduate student Mr Chen Xiaohua 05.11.2009 – 04.11.2010 elected in accordance with regulations The Council (As of December 2009) Members' attendance at Council meetings can be viewed at The Review 2009 Published by the University of Hong Kong The Review serves as the Vice-Chancellor’s annual academic report, which gives a brief account of annual highlights of the University. Editorial Team Editor: Henry Wai, Registrar Chief Editor: Katherine Ma, Director of Communications Managing Editor: Allison Jones Writer: Kathy Griffin Design and production: iOne Financial Press Ltd Photographer: Eric Lee & Co. Contribution and Feedback With special thanks to staff and students who kindly contributed their time and their photographs to The Review 2009 . Further information about The Review or the University, please contact the Communications and Public Affairs Office at Care for the Environment While our publication is printed on environmentally friendly paper, we urge you to share your copy with friends and colleagues, and help reduce our carbon footprint. Alternatively, you may like to read The Review online at