The Review 2009

The University of Hong Kong Consolidated Balance Sheet As of June 30, 2009 (Expressed in thousands of Hong Kong dollars) 2009 2008 Assets Non-Current Assets Property, Plant and Equipment 11,907,970 11,867,285 Leasehold Land 694,408 650,809 Interests in Associates 58 1,279 Interests in Jointly Controlled Entities 33,034 27,142 Investments 7,733,997 9,042,229 Bank Deposits 166,249 – Loans Receivable 20,822 25,685 20,556,538 21,614,429 Current Assets Investments 378,852 1,363,475 Loans Receivable 185,848 178,056 Inventories 3,835 3,263 Accounts Receivable and Prepayments 229,523 200,405 Amount due from Jointly Controlled Entities 29,396 8,618 Cash and Bank Deposits 3,390,572 2,924,151 4,218,026 4,677,968 Total Assets 24,774,564 26,292,397 Funds Deferred Capital Funds Equipment 9,648 7,732 Buildings 722,265 440,056 731,913 447,788 Restricted Funds General Endowment Fund 1,799,043 2,107,405 Investment Reserve 842,950 1,008,727 General Reserve 15,000 15,000 Staff Housing Loan Fund 95,709 193,020 Property Revaluation Reserve 10,503,463 10,737,629 Capital Projects 66,754 166,139 Research Projects and Quality Assurance 192,394 128,858 13,515,313 14,356,778 Other Funds General and Development Reserve Fund 1,077,572 1,639,233 Self-financing Activity Funds • University 534,902 490,594 • HKU SPACE 1,408,723 1,299,866 • Other Subsidiaries (5,262) (6,501) 1,938,363 1,783,959 Donations and Benefactions 4,510,390 5,187,780 7,526,325 8,610,972 Total Funds 21,773,551 23,415,538 Liabilities Non-Current Liabilities Employee Benefit Accruals 226,032 221,915 Loans and Borrowings 274,227 295,127 500,259 517,042 Current Liabilities Accounts Payable and Accruals 1,385,032 1,222,050 Amount due to a Jointly Controlled Entity – 4,336 Employee Benefit Accruals 410,620 422,085 Loans and Borrowings 130,003 154,049 Deferred Income • Earmarked Grants 377,530 291,657 • Capital Grants and AA and I Block Allocation 109,713 166,034 • Others (including Donations and Benefactions) 87,856 99,606 575,099 557,297 2,500,754 2,359,817 Total Liabilities 3,001,013 2,876,859 Total Funds and Liabilities 24,774,564 26,292,397 Net Current Assets 1,717,272 2,318,151 Total Assets Less Current Liabilities 22,273,810 23,932,580 62 Chancellor The Hon Donald Tsang , GBM; MPA Harv; HonLLD CUHK; HonDBA HKPU; HonLLD HK Pro-Chancellor Dr the Hon David Li Kwok-po , GBM; GBS; HonLLD Cantab, Warw and HK; JP Chairman of Council Dr the Hon Edward Leong Che-hung , GBS; OBE; MBBS HK; FRCS(Eng); FRCS(Edin); (Hon)FRCS(Eng); FRACS; FACS; FCSHK; FHKAM(Surgery); JP Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Lap-Chee Tsui, OC; OOnt; BSc, MPhil CUHK; PhD Pitt; FRS; FRS(Can); HonDSc New Brunswick; HonDCL King's Coll; HonDSc CUHK; HonLLD St FX; HonDSc York; HonPhD Tel Aviv; (Hon)FRCP(Lond); HonFHKCPath; (Hon)FHKCP; HonPhD Tor; HonDSc Aberd; JP Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost Professor Richard Wong Yue Chim, SBS; AB, AM, PhD Chic; JP Pro-Vice-Chancellors and Vice-Presidents Professor Chow Shew Ping, MBBS, MS HK; FRCS(Edin); FACS; FHKAM (Orth); JP Professor Joseph Lee Hun Wei, BSc(Eng), MSc, PhD MIT; MCIWEM; FHKIE; FHKAES; FASCE; FREng Professor John Graham Malpas , MA Oxon; MSc, PhD Newfoundland; DSc Oxon; PGeo Professor Paul Tam Kwong Hang, MBBS HK; ChM Liv; FRCS(Eng); FRCS(Edin); FRCS(Glas); FRCS(Ire); FRCPCH; FHKAM (Surgery) Professor Amy Tsui Bik May, BA, MA HK; PhD Birm; DipEd HK Treasurer (Acting) Mr Paul Chow Man Yiu, SBS; BSc(Eng), MBA HK; JP Deans of Faculties Architecture Professor Ralph Bennet Lerner, BArch Cooper Union; MArch Harv; FAIA; HKIA Arts Professor Louie Kam Hung, BA Syd; MPhil CUHK; PhD, DipEd Syd; FAHA Business and Economics Professor Gary Clark Biddle, BSBA Ohio State; MBA, PhD Chic; FCPA Officers of the University (As of December 2009) Dentistry Professor Lakshman Perera Samaranayake, BDS Peradeniya; DDS Glas; FRCPath; CBiol; MIBiol; FHKAM (Pathology); FHKAM (Dental Surgery); FHKCPath; FCDSHK; FDS RCS(Edin)(Hon); HonDSc Peradeniya Education Professor Shirley Joy Grundy, BA Q’ld; MA W Aust; PhD Murdoch Engineering Professor Chew Weng Cho, BSc, MSc, PhD MIT Law Professor Johannes Chan Man Mun, LLB HK; LLM Lond; PCLL HK; Barrister of the High Court of Hong Kong SAR Medicine Professor Lee Sum Ping, MBBS HK; PhD Auck; MD HK; FRACP; DABIM Science Professor Kwok Sun, BSc McMaster; MS, PhD Minn Social Sciences Professor Ian Michael Holliday, MA Cantab; MPhil, DPhil Oxon Dean of Student Affairs Dr Albert Chau Wai Lap, BSc(Eng) HK; MS, PhD Wisc; PCPsych; FHKPsS Registrar Mr Henry Wai Wing Kun, BA, MA HK; FCIS Director of Finance Mr Philip Lam Bing Lun, DipMS HKPU; ACIB; ACIS; FCMA; CPA; CMA Librarian Dr Anthony Walter Ferguson, BA Brigham Young; MA, MLS Wash; EdD Col Director of Estates Mr Kenneth Wong Pak Keung, BA Hawaii; BArch Br Col; MSc(ConstProjectMan) HK; HKIA; MAIBC; CFM; FPFM 63