Great Minds at HKU’s Entrepreneurship Series

Vision and Passion Shared by DreamCatchers

Panel speakers of the opening plenary: (from left) Mr Antony Leung, Mr Leong Cheung, Mr Jason Chiu and

moderator Professor Bernadette Tsui.

HKU has recently launched an initiative named ‘DreamCatchers’ to inspire and nurture innovation and entrepreneurship. A forum was held in the Grand Hall on May 31, which brought together students, alumni and people from across sectors and generations to take part in an array of entrepreneurship forums, training and events. The forum was a great success, with over 1,200 delegates participating and 67 speakers sharing their precious experience on start-ups.


President Peter Mathieson kicked off the forum by welcoming the participants, reminding them: “Entrepreneurship means having the vision, the strength of purpose, and the courage to take your dreams and see them through to the reality. It is okay to dream. We want you to dream. It is also okay to fail, as long as from failure, you learn lessons and you come back stronger, so you are less likely to fail next time. So the aim of today is to encourage you to follow your dreams, to see your dreams through to success, to learn from others around you.”


This was followed by the plenary session ‘If I were 28…’ with panel speakers including

Mr Leong Cheung, Executive Director, Charities and Community, The Hong Kong Jockey Club;
Mr Jason Chiu, CEO, The Cherrypicks; and Mr Antony Leung, CEO, Nan Fung Group. Mr Pony Ma, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Tencent also delivered the keynote covering the internet versus traditional industries, Chinese companies versus international companies. The forum was ended with a session called ‘What Next?’, providing the audience with resources available in town to get business started. The then Vice-President (Research) Professor Paul Tam also revealed some of HKU’s upcoming plans: “We will be launching our Innovation Commons. We need you to keep up the entrepreneurial culture and spirit.”


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