The Review 2017

TEACHING AND LEARNING 5 6 of the 83 Hong Kong students who scored 5** in 5 or more HKDSE subjects gained admission to HKU in 2017. 5 students scoring 5** in 7 subjects came to HKU. 70% of top scorers For the 11 th consecutive year, graduates achieved full employment (including those pursuing further studies). The latest figures are as of 2016. 99.5% employment Students went to Mainland China, Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and North, Central and South America. 9,192 outbound HKU students From students in Mainland China. 385 were admitted. Nearly 9,000 applications Graduation Milestone The 196 th Congregation, held from November 3 to December 7, 2016, conferred degrees on 8,499 graduands, including one very special group: the first class of the new four-year curriculum. 10 | 11