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Taking Action

An interdisciplinary project on biodiversity called Take Action! Youth

Biodiversity Conservation Leadership Training Scheme, encourages students

from local secondary schools to explore Hong Kong’s nature and biodiversity

and to understand the threats it is facing. Activities include visiting local fish

markets to identify if threatened species are still up for sale. Take Action! won

the Arts Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award.





One of the most demanding questions asked of researchers today is

about the impact of their work. How does the community benefit from

the research carried out in the University? What is the economic value

of academic research? At HKU, the aspiration to create social, cultural

and economic impact drives everything we do, including innovative

basic research, which we regard as an essential and critically important

academic activity that may lead to changes that benefit society over

time. The University therefore has been pursuing and promoting

impact opportunities in a a variety of ways, such as public-private

partnerships, start-ups and technology transfer. In 2016 we were active

across all these areas.