HKU Annual Report 2022

RESEARCH AND INNOVATION 29 28 HKU ANNUAL REPORT 2022 PHYSICAL GROWTH TALENT GROWTH The most visible evidence of our trajectory is the expansion of our physical research space. A groundbreaking ceremony was held in July 2022 for the Tech Landmark, a complex of four buildings that will open in 2024 to accommodate at least 12 institutes focussing on interdisciplinary research across all disciplines, including non-STEM fields. Earlier in the year, the Institute of Data Science became the first institute to formally be launched (see page 36). However, the Tech Landmark is only a prelude to our ambitions. In 2022 we also announced the Global Innovation Centre, which would be located near the Medical Campus and provide a world-class facility for deep technology research, and we made progress on the planned HKU-Shenzhen Campus to strengthen our regional presence. Both facilities would substantially increase HKU’s research footprint and capabilities. Collaboration is also a big part of our growth plans. In June 2022 we signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Qianhai Authority that will step up talent cultivation, scientific research and technology transfer through interdisciplinary and STEM initiatives. The University is experiencing unprecedented opportunities to contribute original, innovative research to the development of the region and the world. To maximise our impact, we have been increasing investment in physical space and human resources and deepening our engagement in the Greater Bay Area. These measures will increase our capacity to develop cuttingedge research, attract top-flight scholars and bring different disciplines together to address major challenges in fields ranging from fintech and cancer to biotechnology and climate change. The Tech Landmark is a complex of four buildings targeted to open in 2024. Newly recruited research talents at the Institute of Data Science. HKU’s strong bank of talent is evident in the global recognition that our scholars receive across all disciplines, including 38 Highly Cited Researchers named in Clarivate’s 2022 list, the most ever and a significant increase over last year’s 31. We now rank 26th globally in terms of the number of Highly Cited Researchers. Nonetheless, there is potential to do even better, especially given our expansion plans. We have therefore been recruiting top talents and nurturing promising ones. The HKU Global Professoriate Recruitment Campaign aims to bring 100 world-class scholars in emerging fields to HKU. As of autumn 2022, more than 40 distinguished scholars had been recruited from institutes such as Stanford, Princeton and Yale Universities and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. HKU has also done very well in the government’s Global STEM Professorship Scheme, securing the highest proportion of professorships among the eight local universities. We are developing young research talent through several programmes, including the new Interdisciplinary PhD Programmes that will admit students from 2023–24 from multidisciplinary backgrounds; the new Dissertation Year Fellowship that will support selected outstanding PhD students to pursue an additional year of training after they submit their thesis; and new funds to award research postgraduate students for publication in a high-quality journal and for innovation initiatives. All told, these measures will boost our attractiveness to promising young scholars. 100 world-class scholars in emerging fields to HKU. The HKU Global Professoriate Recruitment Campaign aims to bring