Bulletin November 2018 (Vol. 20 No. 1)

Cover Story Knowledge Exchange Arts and Culture Books 41 45 47 Leading the World in FinTech HKU Research Is at the Forefront of this Fast-Evolving Field The FinTech Revolution The ‘Tech’ behind FinTech Migrant Workers Embrace the Digital Wallet The Data Revolution Gets Personal 01 03 08 09 11 Research Teaching and Learning China’s AI Approach to Information Control Taking on Foxconn Sex with Chinese Characteristics A New Angle on Navigation How Donald Trump Establishes His Charisma Using Outsiders as ‘Folk Devils’ Undoing Damage Done The Screen Effect Trounces the Green Effect 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 31 33 35 37 39 Microspaces Made Liveable Insights on Seeing the Sights 27 29 55 57 Contents When the Virtual Meets Reality More than Skin Deep A City Map for Pedestrians A Gendered Approach to Mental Health Do-It-Yourself Help on the Rental Home Front High Notes Every Picture Is a Story 49 51 53 Final Chapter for Eileen Chang Queen and Empire City Limits Bigger, Stronger, Bolder: New Horizons for the Medical Faculty New President Takes the Pulse of HKU An Engineer Ahead of His Time Development People