HKU Bulletin May 2004 (Vol. 5 No. 3)

1 NEWS ROUND-UP Genome Research Centre Opens T he opening of the $120 million Genome Research Centre (GRC) in March was marked by a star-studded symposium and the unveiling of two major research projects. With genomics experts from Canada, France, Mainland China, the UK and US there to mark the occasion, the Vice-Chancellor Professor Lap-Chee Tsui was on hand to welcome them. But among many plat forms, one centrepiece of the GRC’s capabilities is a machine in the shape of $2.5 million beige metal box, measuring no more than a metre in width, depth and height. This DNA sequencer helps speed-up genomics research because it will allow 20 plates – each with 96 samples – to be used each day by scientists identifying the essence of life. Manager William Mak said: “What we provide is high throughput platforms. This means faster, more accurate and less expensive resea “ r T c h h i . s DNA sequencer wi l l help us decipher much faster the sequences of genes.” Hong Kong Land’s Generosity D ozens of architecture students crowded into the splendour of Hong Kong Land’s boardroom in March to say a big thankyou for the property giant’s generosity to the University. Running since 2001, the Interna t ional Student Exchange Programme has helped students study abroad and Hong Kong Land Chief Executive Nicholas Sal lnow-Smith saw a series of student presentations. Chinese Academy of Sciences Appointments T wo more University Professors have been elected to the prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is the highest scientific honour in China P . rofessor Anthony Yeh, Dean of the Graduate School and Professor in the Centre of Urban Planning and Environmental Management, was appointed to the Academy together with Professor Allen Chwang, the Sir Robert Ho Tung Chair of Mechanical Engineering. Altogether eight scholars from the University are members of the Academy. DNA sequencer. A student presentation. Photography: S. Song CONTENTS Editor The Registrar Editorial Board Allison Jones, Sheila Stimpson, Dora Yue Writers Adam Luck, Kathy Griffin Photographer Richard Jones, sinopix photo agency Graphic Designer trinity & co. Printer G & P Production & Printing Co. Items for Publication Items for publication in The University of Hong Kong Bulletin or suggestions for subjects which might be included should be addressed to the editorial board, Knowles Building, telephone number: 2859 2229, fax nu mber: 2559 9459 or e-mail: . Items should include the author’s name and University contact details. If you have any comments or suggestions to make regarding the content or format of The University of Hong Kong Bulletin , please direct them to the editor for consideration by the editorial board. Printed on recycled paper. NEWS ROUND-UP 1 u Genome Research Centre Opens u Hong Kong Land’s Generosity u Chinese Academy of Sciences Appointments 2 u Tons of Tomes 3 u Honouring Our Supporters 4 u Honouring the Distinguished THE ENVIRONMENT 6 u Effects of Pollution on Health and Wealth 8 u Reducing the Environmental Impacts of Reclamation 9 u Fish Stocks in Crisis 10 u Green Turns to Gold RESEARCH 11 u Fight Against Stomach Cancer Heats Up 12 u Restoring Oral Health 13 u Pathologist and Engineer Use their Heads 14 u Help for Old Age Buildings 15 u Investigating the Skeleton PEOPLE 16 u Forty Years On 18 u A Prescription for Chinese Medicine 19 u Physical Activity Increases Life Span 20 u Women Entrepreneurs in the Making 21 u Self-made Woman Entrepreneur Anthony Yeh Allen Chwang