Students are learning to question the stereotypes around gender and diversity, and the limitations they impose.

He, She, Other

Like many universities around the world, HKU has a serious gender imbalance in its senior ranks. Its scholars and administrators are determined to address the problem.

Gender on the Table

The Women’s Studies Research Centre has been operating since 1995 to promote gender research

and translate the findings into benefits for the Hong Kong community. Recently, it has played an active role in HeForShe activities on campus, including publishing a directory on gender research expertise at HKU.

Gender Research at HKU

The University is stepping up efforts to identify instances of sexual harassment and reduce its occurrence.

Keeping the Campus Safe for Women and All


Gender inequality is a problem in academic institutions around the world. The higher ranks remain dominated by men and concern is growing about the downstream effects on everything from women’s promotions and tenure, to approval of teaching and research focussed on gender issues. HKU is tackling these problems within its own halls, as well as sexual harassment, and taking the lead among universities locally and globally through its participation in the UN Women’s HeForShe initiative. The aim is to learn from each other and start to correct the imbalances.