HKU presented nine new Endowed Professors and four successive appointments in its Eighth Inauguration of Endowed Professorships, officiated by Council Chairman Dr the Honourable Leong Che-hung and presided by Vice-Chancellor Professor Lap-Chee Tsui in the Grand Hall, Lee Shau Kee Lecture Centre on February 24. The occasion also marked the establishment of a total of 80 Endowed Professorships, including three Distinguished Visiting Professorships, since 2005.

As one of the most significant awards bestowed upon eminent academics within the University to support their academic and research activities, Endowed Professorships, initiated by Professor Lap-Chee Tsui, have been created to bridge academia and generous philanthropists and provide perpetual support to areas of academic excellence.

Each Endowed Professorship is established with a generous donation of HK$10 million or more which is matched by the University with an equal amount. An Advisory Committee has been set up to ensure the appointments are made in accordance with established University procedures. Members of the Committee include Dr Raymond Ch’ien (Chairman), Dr York Liao, Professor Felice Lieh-Mak and Ms Mary Ma.

For more about HKU’s Endowed Professorships, please go to http://www.hku.hk/ephku/