Well Done, HKU Asian Games Athletes! (45)


1st Row from left: Angus CHAN (Hockey), Jasper AU (Hockey), Ming Tai CHAN (Athletics), Bailee BROWN (Triathlon [Bronze]), Hayley CHAN (Windsurfing [Silver]), Moonie CHU (Fencing [Bronze]), Coco LIN (Fencing [Bronze]- graduate), Ryan CHOI(Fencing [Silver]), Rainbow IP(Swimming [Bronze]),Gary Chun Yan WONG (Swimming – graduate). // 2nd Row from left: Chun Ming SIU (Hockey – graduate), Henry WAI (Registrar), Bernadette TSUI (Director of DAAO), Paul TAM (Provost & Deputy Vice-Chancellor), Tak-Keung YEUNG (Sports Commissioner), Brian STEVENSON (Council Member), Cado LEE (Rugby [Gold] graduate), Terry AU (VP&PVC[Academic Staffing and Resources]); Eugenie LEUNG (Dean of Student Affairs), Man Ting TANG (Handball), Michael TSE (Assistant Director CSE), Siu Tong LAM (Coach of HK Archery Team) . // 3rd Row from left: Ian HOLLIDAY (VP&PVC[Teaching and Learning)]; John KAO (VP&PVC[Global]); William HAYWARD (Dean of Social Sciences), James WONG (Rowing [Bronze]-graduate); Ricky W. H. HUI ( Athletics - graduate ), Duncan MACFARLANE (Acting Head CSE), Katherine MA (Director of Communications), Hei Man CHENG (Water Polo)
Venue: Foundation Chamber, HHY Building
Date: October 2, 2018
Source: Communications and Public Affairs Office