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22nd Congregation (1931)

FOO Ping Sheung
Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws

China's Ambassador to Russia from 1943 to 1949, Mr. Foo Ping-sheung, a graduate of St. Stephen's College and the University of Hong Kong, died in Taipei yesterday morning. He was 69.

Born in Narnhoi Kwangttmg, Mr. Foo was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws by the University of Hong Kong.

He is survived by his widow, one son, and four daughters.

Mr. Foo declined the National Government's offer in 1949 to become Foreign Minister. Among his various posts in the Kuomingtang Government were Superintendent of Customs and Commissioner of Foreign Affairs in Canton in 1922, Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1927, Director of Customs Administration. Minister to Belgium in 1929, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Legislative Yuan in Nanking, and Vice-President of the Judicial Yuan.

Many members of Mr. Foo's family live in Hong Kong.

(Reprinted, by permission, from the South China Morning Post of July 30, 1965.)

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