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48th Congregation (1956)

SOO Hoy Mun
C.E.B., E.D., M.A., D.M., B.CH., LL.D.

The Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Lindsay Tasman Ride, C.B.E., E.D., M.A., D.M., B.CH., LL.D., wrote and delivered the following citation:

Parental loyalty has long been recognized as one of the most outstanding and most admired characteristics of the Chinese people.

Soo Hoy Mun is a son of this University, a son whose record measures up faithfully to this national tradition of filial piety, for ever since his graduation in 1925, his concern for the well-being of his University and of his fellow graduates in Malaya, has held a fore-most place amongst the wide range of his public activities.

Dr. Soo entered the University in 1918 from St. Stephen’s College, taking up residence in Lugard Hall, which had a reputation, even in those days, of prowess in sport and character building in the hard way. During his student days he was Captain of the University Tennis Team, and after returning to practice in Kuala Lumpur his organizing ability and powers of leadership soon drew him to the forefront of Alumni affairs in Malaya.

While President of our Alumni Association of Central Malaya, he laid foundations of the Pan-Malayan Alumni Association, a conception that has proved to be as valuable in practice as it was desirable in theory. This body came into existence in March 1948, and the part Dr. Soo played in its foundation is evident from the fact that he was its first elected President. Through this Association, all our graduate bodies in Malaya are united, their growth fostered, and their influence for the benefit of its members focused in the right direction. It is the official link between the University and our graduates in Malaya and its importance was recognized by our Chancellor in 1953 when he appointed Dr. Soo to our Court, the first representative of our graduates in Malaya to be so chosen; recently he has been re-appointed for a further term of service for three years. Dr. Soo’s service to the community in which he lives is of no lesser caliber than that to his University, in fact, from all standards he is adjudged a worthy son.

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