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Professor Clarke, David
Professor (教授)
  • Art
  • Art history and theory
  • Art education
  • Cultural policy
Tel: 3917 2613
Fax: 2548 0987
Written: English (英文)
Spoken: English (英語)
Professor Thomas, Greg M.
Professor (教授)
  • Eighteenth and nineteenth century Western art and architecture
  • Cross-cultural interactions in art
  • Europe and China
  • Landscape and ecology
  • Childhood and the family
Tel: 3917 7042
Fax: 2548 0987
Written: English, French, German (英文、法文、德文)
Spoken: English, French (英語、法語)
Dr Hammers, Roslyn Lee
Associate Professor (副教授)
  • Asian art and architecture
  • Art of China from the Tang to Yuan periods
  • Art of India
  • Art theory
Tel: 3917 2612
Fax: 2548 0987
Written: English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Hindi (英文、中文、德文、日文、北印度語)
Spoken: English, Putonghua (英語、普通話)
Dr Koon, Yeewan
Associate Professor (副教授)
  • Late imperial and modern Chinese painting
  • Discourse of Chinese art
  • Issues of visuality
Tel: 3917 2899
Fax: 2548 0987
Written: English, Chinese (英文、中文)
Spoken: English, Cantonese, Putonghua (英語、粵語、普通話)
Dr Mansour, Opher
Assistant Professor (助理教授)
  • European art and architecture of the Renaissance and Baroque periods
Tel: 3917 8908
Fax: 2548 0987
Written: English, French, Spanish, Italian (英文、法文、西班牙文、意大利文)
Spoken: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew (英語、法語、西班牙語、意大利語、希伯來語)
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