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anchor to this FAQQ1 Do I have to register to attend the Faculty-based Congregation session? When will I receive the tickets?AnswerClose

Yes, registration is required to obtain tickets to attend your Faculty's Congregation Session. After you have succeeded in the registration, your Faculty will send you the tickets about a week and so before the date of the session. You should contact your Faculty immediately if you still haven't received your tickets closer to the date.

anchor to this FAQQ2 Can I borrow Academic Dress at the Hall on the day of my Faculty-based Congregation Session?AnswerClose

No. The full set of academic dress, including cap, hood and gown can only be borrowed at the University's Gown Room (UG-06, Knowles Building) during the stipulated period announced on the "Arrangement of Class of 2018" page of this website. Academic dress will NOT be available for loan at other venues.

anchor to this FAQQ3 How long will the Faculty-based Congregation Session last?AnswerClose

Depending on the arrangement of your Faculty, normally, it is expected to last for about 1.5 hours to 2 hours. Please check with your Faculty for more accurate information.

anchor to this FAQQ4 Will I be presented the certificate during the Faculty-based Congregation Session?AnswerClose

No. Certificates will be available for collection after the Faculty-based Congregation sessions have been held. The location for collection is the Academic Services Office at Room G04, G/F, Run Run Shaw Building. Details are available on the Certificate page of this website. For enquiry, please contact Academic Services Office at 2859-2433.

anchor to this FAQQ5 Can I choose not to attend the Congregation?AnswerClose

Yes. Degrees will be conferred on all eligible Graduands during the Faculty-based Congregation Sessions, including those who are in absentia. Attending the Congregation or not will not affect Graduands' graduation.

anchor to this FAQQ6 Will there be any Faculty Graduation Ceremonies?AnswerClose

No. Graduation ceremonies are not official degree conferring occasions. Starting from 2014, each Faculty will organise its Congregation session to officially confer degrees on its Graduands. Details of schedules, venues and other information of Facutly-based Congregation Sessions are available on the Faculty-based Sessions page of this website.

anchor to this FAQQ7 I am graduating from a non-degree programme, will I be included at my Faculty's Congregation session?AnswerClose

Some Faculties may include non-degree programme Graduands at their Congregation Sessions, some may hold separate ceremonies for non-degree programmes. Students will receive notification from their Faculties in due course. Please contact your Faculty for the information.

anchor to this FAQQ8 Is there any academic dress for non-degree programmes?AnswerClose

No. There are only academic dresses for degree programmes. Some Faculties may arrange black gowns for its non-degree programme Graduands to attend the relevant ceremonies. Please contact your Faculty for the information.

anchor to this FAQQ9Do I and my family members need to apply for visit visas to attend the Congregation if I am currently residing out of Hong Kong?AnswerClose

You and your family members may need to apply for a visit visa. For details, please refer CEDARS' advice on Question 57 of the "Frequently Asked Questions on Student Visa Matters"