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Academic Dress

Academic Dress Vendor

Victoria Uniform



Hotlines: 3118 4396 or 3105 5009

Rental Schedule

Online booking period:

October 8, 2021 to December 7, 2021

Academic dress collection period: 

October 20, 2021 to January 29, 2022

Academic dress rental period: 

49 calendar days, counted from the date of collection

Rental Procedures


Graduands can make booking via the vendor’s website from October 8, 2021.  Please follow the instructions provided on the vendor's website to complete your rental order.

  1. On the Victoria Uniform website, search and click the On the Victoria Uniform website, look for and click this button. button.

  2. Key in the relevant code of your curriculum:
Graduation Programmes          Codes

Bachelor’s degrees:

HKU2021UG  (please select your home Faculty from the drop-down menu)

Bachelor’s double degrees:

HKU2021UG2D  (please select your home Faculties from the drop-down menu)

Master’s degrees

(Taught Postgraduates): 

HKU2021PG  (please select your home Faculty from the drop-down menu)

Master’s degree (MPhil): 


Doctoral degrees

(PhD and SJD):


Doctoral degrees

(MD and DNurs):


Doctoral degree (MS):


Doctoral degree (DSc):


Doctoral degree (DBA):


Doctoral degrees

(DPA and PsyD):


Doctoral degree (EdD): HKU2021DED


  1. Select an outlet and an available rental order pick-up date and time on the reservation form.
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degree graduands can pick up from one of these 10 outlets: Sheung Wan, Fortress Hill, Prince Edward, Choi Hung, Kowloon City, Tsuen Wan, Tai Po, Yuen Long, Tuen Mun (Ming Kum), and Shatin.  
  • Doctoral graduands have a choice of either the Sheung Wan outlet or the Prince Edward outlet.
  1. Print 2 copies of the completed academic dress rental form (one form to be kept by yourself for collection of academic dress and refund of deposit, and the other by the vendor for record purpose).

  2. Pick up the academic dress at the designated Victoria Uniform outlet and be reminded that you should
  • visit only the outlet on the date and time that you have selected on the online booking system;
  • present the 2 copies of the completed academic dress rental form to the outlet counter staff;
  • try on the gown, hood and cap and inspect each of these items thoroughly on the spot (requests for any changes afterwards are normally not entertained); and
  • sign the academic dress rental form and pay the rental fee and deposit in CASH in Hong Kong Dollars only.

If you authorise a person to pick up your rental order on your behalf, make sure that he/she is informed of the procedures above and your awarded degree.  You should also check in advance from the vendor's website the gown and cap size that suits you, and inform him/her to facilitate collection of the academic dress. 

  1. Graduands can also request for courier delivery service:
  • to be delivered to selected business areas, residential areas, SF redemption centres and SF lockers (extra delivery surcharges will be levied subject to SF Express’s policy on delivery to remote areas and overseas addresses);
  • to be picked up at designated redemption centres or lockers;
  • payment for courier service fee, rental fee and deposit for the academic dress must be settled prior to courier delivery, with details set out in the relevant policies on the vendor's website; and
  • upon completion of online booking for renting an academic dress by means of courier delivery, send the payment proof (bearing the amounts of courier service fee, rental fee and deposit) to for Victoria Uniform to match your payment with the record of your booking.

Payment Arrangement

  1. Pay the rental fee and deposit in CASH in Hong Kong Dollars when you collect the academic dress.  All other payment methods (e.g. by credit card, electronic payments, cross cheque, etc) and in other currencies will not be accepted.

  2. The deposit is the same as the purchase price for the academic dress.  It will be fully refunded upon return of your academic dress, subject to any applicable deduction made in relation to damages or rental period extension. The refund (with applicable deduction, if any) will be made in CASH in Hong Kong Dollars only.  Collection and refund of deposit will also be subject to the policy of the vendor.  Any dispute arising thereto shall be dealt with directly between the vendor and the graduand concerned.

Fees (HK$)


Rental fee per set (for 49 calendar days)

Deposit per set (same as the purchase price) Purchase Price

Doctoral degrees




Gown: $1,100

Hood: $200

Cap: $300

Tassel: $100


Master’s / Bachelor’s degrees



Gown: $300

Hood: $200

Cap: $180

Tassel: $20

* Deposit for graduands of Double Degree curricula is $900 (including the additional hood).


Extension rental fee

If you return the academic dress after the 49-day rental period, you must pay an extension fee:

  • Doctoral degrees: $300 for 7 calendar days
  • Master’s / Bachelor’s degrees: $180 for 7 calendar days
  • Extension fee is calculated on weekly basis (a pro rata rate does not apply for this purpose).
  • Extension fee will be deducted from the deposit. 

Important Notes

  • The rental period is 49 calendar days, counting from the date on which your academic dress is picked up at the outlet.
  • The outlets will be closed on December 24 - 29, 2021 for Christmas holidays, January 1, 2022 for public holiday, and January 30 - February 10, 2022 for Chinese New Year holidays.  If the return date falls into the holidays, it will be extended to the next business date. 
  • The full set of your academic dress should be returned to the outlet at which you picked up the dress. Please present the rental form to the outlet counter staff to complete the procedure. You may authorise a person to return the dress on your behalf. 
  • Damages to the academic dress, including any alteration or attachment that compromises the dress quality, are liable for penalty (please refer to the vendor's website for details).  Penalty will be in the form of a fine determined by the vendor and will be deducted from the deposit upon return of the dress.
  • Academic dress can also be purchased at the outlets of the vendor. Details can be found at the vendor's website.