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Abbreviations for Curriculum Titles

Bachelors Degrees
Masters Degrees
Doctors Degrees
Diplomas and Certificates

Bachelors Degrees

Bachelor of Accounting — BAcc
Bachelor of Architecture — BArch
Bachelor of Arts — BA
Bachelor of Arts and Sciences — BASc
Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, in disciplines as determined by the Senate from time to time
Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies — BA(ArchStud)
Bachelor of Arts in Conservation — BA(Conservation)
Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Studies — BA(LS)
Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies — BA(UrbanStud)
Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences — BBiomedSc
Bachelor of Business Administration — BBA
Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance — BBA(Acc&Fin)
Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business and Global Management — BBA(IBGM)
Bachelor of Business Administration (Information Systems) — BBA(IS)
Bachelor of Business Administration (Law) — BBA(Law)
Bachelor of Chinese Medicine — BChinMed
Bachelor of Cognitive Science — BCogSc
Bachelor of Criminal Justice — BCJ
Bachelor of Dental Surgery — BDS
Bachelor of Economics — BEcon
Bachelor of Economics and Finance — BEcon&Fin
Bachelor of Education — BEd
Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education and Special Education — BEd(ECE&SE) 
Bachelor of Education in Language Education — BEd(LangEd)
Bachelor of Education in Primary Education — BEd(PrimaryEd)
Bachelor of Engineering — BEng
Bachelor of Engineering, in engineering disciplines as determined by the Senate from time to time
Bachelor of Finance — BFin
Bachelor of Finance in Asset Management and Private Banking — BFin(AMPB)
Bachelor of Housing Management — BHousMan
Bachelor of Journalism — BJ
Bachelor of Laws — LLB
Bachelor of Management Studies — BMS
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery — MBBS
Bachelor of Nursing — BNurs
Bachelor of Pharmacy — BPharm
Bachelor of Pharmacy in Chinese Medicine — BPharm(ChinMed)
Bachelor of Science — BSc
Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science — BSc(ActuarSc)
Bachelor of Science in Applied Child Development — BSc(ACD)
Bachelor of Science in Applied Medical Sciences — BSc(ApplMedSc)
Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics — BSc(BioInf)
Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences — BSc(BiomedSc)
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science — BSc(CompSc)
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems — BSc(CSIS)
Bachelor of Science in Computer Studies — BSc(CompStud)
Bachelor of Science in Engineering — BSc(Eng)
Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Health — BSc(Exercise&Health)
Bachelor of Science in Information Management —BSc(IM)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Studies — BSc(NursStud)
Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Finance — BSc(QFin)
Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying — BSc(QS)
Bachelor of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences — BSc(Sp&HearSc)
Bachelor of Science in Sports Science and Leisure Management — BSc(SSLM)
Bachelor of Science in Surveying — BSc(Surv)
Bachelor of Social Sciences — BSocSc
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Government and Laws) — BSocSc(Govt&Laws)
Bachelor of Social Work — BSW
Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine — BTCM


Masters Degrees

Executive Master of Business Administration — EMBA
Juris Doctor — JD
Master of Accounting — MAcct
Master of Architecture — MArch
Master of Architecture (Design) — MArch(Design) 
Master of Arts — MA
Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics — MA(AppliedLinguistics)
Master of Arts in China Development Studies — MAChDS
Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages — MA(TESOL)
Master of Arts in Transport Policy and Planning — MA(TranspPol&Plan)
Master of Buddhist Counselling — MBC
Master of Buddhist Studies — MBuddhStud
Master of Business Administration — MBA
Master of Business Administration (International) — IMBA
Master of Chinese Medicine — MChinMed
Master of Chinese Medicine in Acupuncture and Moxibustion — MChinMed(Acup&Mox)
Master of Clinical Pharmacy — MClinPharm
Master of Common Law — MCL
Master of Data Science — MDASC
Master of Dental Surgery, in dental disciplines as determined by the Senate from time to time
Master of Economics — MEcon
Master of Education — MEd
Master of Expressive Arts Therapy — MExpArtsTh
Master of Finance — MFin
Master of Financial Engineering — MFE
Master of Fine Arts — MFA
Master of Geographic Information Systems — MGIS
Master of Global Management — MGM
Master of Global Public Policy — MGPP
Master of Housing Management — MHousMan
Master of International and Public Affairs — MIPA
Master of Journalism — MJ
Master of Landscape Architecture — MLA
Master of Laws — LLM
Master of Laws, in law disciplines as determined by the Senate from time to time
Master of Medical Sciences — MMedSc
Master of Nursing — MNurs
Master of Nursing in Advanced Practice — MN
Master of Orthodontics — MOrth
Master of Philosophy — MPhil
Master of Psychological Medicine (Psychosis Studies) — MPsyMed
Master of Public Administration — MPA
Master of Public Administration (International) — IMPA
Master of Public Health — MPH
Master of Research in Medicine — MRes(Med)
Master of Science — MSc
Master of Science in Audiology — MSc(Audiology)
Master of Science in Business Analytics — MSc(BA)
Master of Science in Chinese Medicines — MScChinMeds
Master of Science in Community Dentistry — MSc(CommunityDent)
Master of Science in Computer Science — MSc(CompSc)
Master of Science in Conservation — MSc(Conservation)
Master of Science in Construction Project Management — MSc(ConstProjectMan)
Master of Science in Dental Materials Science — MSc(DMS)
Master of Science in Electronic Commerce and Internet Computing — MSc(ECom&IComp)
Master of Science in Engineering — MSc(Eng)
Master of Science in Engineering, in engineering disciplines as determined by the Senate from time to time
Master of Science in Environmental Management — MSc(EnvMan)
Master of Science in General Dentistry — MSc(GeneralDent)
Master of Science in Global Business Management and E-Commerce — MSc(GBM&ECom)
Master of Science in Implant Dentistry — MSc(ImplantDent)
Master of Science in Information Technology in Education — MSc(ITE)
Master of Science in Integrated Project Delivery — MSc(IPD)
Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Design and Management — MSc(IDM)
Master of Science in Library and Information Management — MSc(LIM)
Master of Science in Marketing — MSc(Mktg)
Master of Science in Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging — MSc(OMFR&DI) 
Master of Science in Real Estate — MSc(RealEst)
Master of Science in Real Estate Development — MSc(RealEstDev)
Master of Science in Sports Science — MSc(SportsScience)
Master of Science in Urban Analytics — MSc(UrbanAnalytics)
Master of Science in Urban Planning — MSc(UrbanPlanning)
Master of Social Sciences — MSocSc
Master of Social Service Management — MSSM
Master of Social Work — MSW
Master of Statistics — MStat
Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Acupuncture and Moxibustion — MTCM
Master of Urban Design — MUrbanDesign


Doctors Degrees

Doctor of Business Administration — DBA
Doctor of Education — EdD
Doctor of Laws — LLD
Doctor of Legal Science — SJD
Doctor of Letters — DLitt
Doctor of Medicine — MD
Doctor of Nursing — DNurs
Doctor of Philosophy — PhD
Doctor of Psychology — PsyD
Doctor of Public Administration — DPA
Doctor of Science — DSc
Doctor of Social Sciences — DSocSc
Master of Surgery — MS


Diplomas and Certificates

Advanced Diploma in Education — AdvDipEd
Advanced Diploma in Endodontics —AdvDipEndodont
Advanced Diploma in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery — AdvDipOMS
Advanced Diploma in Orthodontics — AdvDipOrth
Advanced Diploma in Paediatric Dentistry — AdvDipPaediatrDent
Advanced Diploma in Periodontology — AdvDipPeriodont
Advanced Diploma in Prosthodontics — AdvDipProsthodont
Advanced Diploma in Social Work — AdvDip(SocWk)
Diploma in Architecture — DipArch
Diploma in Chinese Language — DipChinLang
Diploma in Pharmacy — DipPharm
Foundation Diploma in Management — FDipM
Postgraduate Diploma in Building Services — PDipBS
Postgraduate Diploma in Child and Adolescent Health — PDipCAH
Postgraduate Diploma in Chinese Language Subject Knowledge for Graduate Teachers — PDipCLangSK
Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Research Methodology — PDipClinResMethodology
Postgraduate Diploma in Commercial Law —  PDipComL
Postgraduate Diploma in Common Law — PDipCL
Postgraduate Diploma in Community Geriatrics — PDipCommunityGeriatrics
Postgraduate Diploma in Community Psychological Medicine — PDipComPsychMed
Postgraduate Diploma in Conservation — PDip(Conservation)
Postgraduate Diploma in Construction Project Management — PDip(ConstProjectMan)
Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Writing in English — PDipCWEng
Postgraduate Diploma in Dental Materials Science — PDipDMS
Postgraduate Diploma in Dental Surgery — PDipDS
Postgraduate Diploma in Diagnosis and Therapeutics in Internal Medicine — PDipIntMed&Therapeutics
Postgraduate Diploma in Earth Sciences — PGDES
Postgraduate Diploma in Education — PGDE
Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering — PDipEng
Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering, in engineering disciplines as determined by the Senate from time to time
Postgraduate Diploma in English Studies — PDipES
Postgraduate Diploma in General Dental Surgery — PDipGDS
Postgraduate Diploma in Geographic Information Systems — PDipGIS
Postgraduate Diploma in Infectious Diseases — PDipID
Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law — PDipIT&IPL
Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology Law — PDipITL
Postgraduate Diploma in International Affairs — PDipIA
Postgraduate Diploma in International Arbitration and Dispute Settlement — PDipArb
Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism — PDipJ
Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture — PDLA
Postgraduate Diploma in Laws — PDipLaws
Postgraduate Diploma in the Law of the People's Republic of China — PDipL(PRC)
Postgraduate Diploma in Molecular and Diagnostic Pathology — PDipMDPath
Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing — PDipNurs
Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Medicine (Psychosis Studies) — PDipPsyMed
Postgraduate Diploma in Psycho-oncology — PDipPsycho-oncology
Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health — PDipPH
Postgraduate Diploma in Public Law — PDipPubL
Postgraduate Diploma in Science (Computer Science) — PDipSc(CompSc)
Postgraduate Diploma in Science (Electronic Commerce and Internet Computing) — PDipSc(ECom&IComp)
Postgraduate Diploma in Surveying (Quantity Surveying) — PDipSurv(QuantSurv)
Postgraduate Diploma in Surveying (Real Estate Development) — PDipSurv(RealEstDev)
Postgraduate Diploma in Urban Design — PDipUrbanDesign
Certificate in Chinese Language — CertChinLang
Certificate in Health Economics — CertHealthEcon
Certificate in In-Service Education for Teachers — CertINSET
Certificate in Medical Sciences — CertMedSc
Certificate in School Counselling and Guidance — CertSCG
Certificate in Social Study — CertSocSt
Certificates in engineering subjects, as determined by the Senate from time to time
Hong Kong Common Professional Examination Certificate in Laws — HKCPECLL
Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Educational Studies — PCAdvEdStud
Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Research Methodology — PCClinResMethodology
Postgraduate Certificate in Education — PCEd
Postgraduate Certificate in Laws — PCLL
Postgraduate Certificate in Molecular and Diagnostic Pathology — PCMDPath
Postgraduate Certificate in Psychological Medicine (Psychosis Studies) — PCPsyMed
Postgraduate Certificate in Psychology — PCPsych
Postgraduate Certificate in Psycho-oncology — PCPsycho-oncology
Postgraduate Certificate in Public Health — PCPH