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Vision and Mission


The University of Hong Kong aims to build on our internationally recognized accomplishments and become Asia's Global University. In striving for this objective, we will focus on what we call the '3+1 Is': Internationalization, Innovation and Interdisciplinarity, all converging on Impact — themes that will guide all the teaching and learning, research and knowledge exchange components of our work.

To enable this, the University's highest priorities are to create opportunities for the very best academic talents to excel and to advance human knowledge by providing a world-class, intellectual environment in which all its members are recognized and rewarded for what they contribute and achieve.

In this way, the University will seek to serve the needs of Hong Kong, the wider region and the rest of the world, and create a positive impact in everything we do; we want our efforts to make a difference to society and humanity. 


The University of Hong Kong will endeavour:
  • To advance constantly the bounds of scholarship, building upon its proud traditions and strengths;
  • To provide a comprehensive education, developing fully the intellectual and personal strengths of its students while developing and extending lifelong learning opportunities for the community;
  • To produce graduates of distinction committed to lifelong learning, integrity and professionalism, capable of being responsive leaders and communicators in their fields;
  • To develop a collegial, flexible, pluralistic and supportive intellectual environment that inspires and attracts, retains and nurtures scholars, students and staff of the highest calibre in a culture that fosters creativity, learning and freedom of thought, enquiry and expression;
  • To provide a safe, healthy and sustainable workplace to support and advance teaching, learning and research at the University;
  • To engage in innovative, high-impact and leading-edge research within and across disciplines;
  • To be fully accountable for the effective management of public and private resources bestowed upon the institution and act in partnership with the community over the generation, dissemination and application of knowledge;
  • To serve as a focal point of intellectual and academic endeavour in Hong Kong, China and Asia and act as a gateway and forum for scholarship with the rest of the world.