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Regulations Governing the Format, Binding and Presentation of Dissertations for Higher Degrees by Coursework

  1. Each copy of a dissertation shall be typewritten or printed on one side only of International size A4 paper1 (except for drawings, maps, or tables on which no restriction is placed), with a margin of not less than 38 mm on the left-hand edge of each page.

  2. The appropriate Board of the Faculty shall decide whether any dissertation submitted successfully in part-fulfilment of a higher degree by coursework shall be an accession to the University Libraries.

  3. If it is to be an accession to the Library, the top copy of the dissertation shall be used, and bound in one or more volumes as determined by the Librarian and between boards faced with cloth in black for MA, MAChDS, MATPP, MGIS, MPA, MMedSc, MRes(Med), in dark blue for MSW, MBA, and in green for all others.  The title, name of author, degree, and date shall be stamped on the front cover and spine in accordance with the standard layout approved by the Librarian.  The title of a dissertation written in Chinese shall be lettered on the cover in Chinese and in English.

297 mm x 210 mm
N.B.  Candidates for higher degrees are reminded that any dissertation not typed or printed on the correct paper will not be accepted.  Any candidate who has difficulty in obtaining the paper should consult his Faculty Office.