Centre for Hong Kong Prehistory

In August-September 1998, the Senate and Council of the University of Hong Kong approved the establishment of a "Centre for Hong Kong Prehistory" as a sub-division of studies and learning at the University. The purpose of the Centre is to promote interaction among scholars in fields of enquiry relevant to the prehistory and early history of Hong Kong. A detailed description of the functions envisaged for the Centre is included in the inception paper which was approved by the University Senate and Council.

Anyone with a genuine research interest in any aspect of Hong Kong prehistory is welcome to affiliate with the Centre. It is hoped that there will be talks and informal meetings once a month. Notice will be given by fax and email. Those who wish to affiliate in an individual capacity should send a brief reply by email and their name will be added to the mailing list.

Contents of this website:

1. Inception Paper approved by the University Senate and Council

2. Brief Introduction to Hong Kong Prehistory

3. Bibliography of English Publications on Hong Kong Archaeology

4. Table of C14 Dates from Archaeological Sites

5. Table of C14 Dates from Geological Sites

6. New Books on Hong Kong prehistory