To prepare for the implementation of the new four-year curriculum, HKU is constructing the Centennial Campus, adjoining the existing Main Campus to the west. This will provide the important additional space to support the University's core functions of teaching and research as it moves into its second century.

Four Planning Principles represent HKU's vision of a "University District", which inspires and enriches the lives of those who learn, work and visit here.

1 The Learning Community The ever-changing University landscape must support the intellectual curiosity, social well-being and spiritual life of all its residents and visitors.

2 The Environment and Heritage The University cherishes its unique natural environment and seeks a sustainable community that respects its history, culture and natural setting.

3 A Unified Campus Each physical change to the University estates - building, open space, neighbourhood - should enrich and harmonise with the whole community.

4 An Open and Respected Process As an integral part of Hong Kong, the University invites all who have an interest in its future to share their views.
Proposed Site of HKU Centennial Campus