Heritage Buildings at the Site of Centennial Campus
Senior Staff Quarters

The Senior Staff Quarters were built in 1923-24 for the WSD site managers. The building is two-storeys high, and has two four-room flats with adjoining servants’ quarters. Some of the architectural features include multi-casement windows, rough-honed granite walls and French windows. It is considered an excellent example of colonial domestic architecture.

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Workmen’s Quarters

The Workmen’s Quarters were located in a one-storey red brick rectangular building with three rooms which housed Chinese workers and watchmen. The building was constructed in 1918-19 and has a pitched roof of Chinese pan-and-roll tiles and gable ends. Verandahs are featured on the front and rear parts of the quarters.

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Elliot Treatment Works Building

The Elliot Treatment Works Building was built in 1930 - 31 to contain water filtration equipment. It is typical example of early 20th Century waterworks infrastructure in Hong Kong. The design is functional and incorporates the stages of the filtration process within the structure, with the equipment spread over three levels.

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