Friends of Centennial Campus logoPresented in Chinese calligraphy, the logo is composed of two persons moving forward in the same direction. It symbolizes the fact that the University has grown with the community and highlights the joint efforts in building a better future. The heads of the two persons (CC) can also be understood as representing Centennial Campus.
The orange colour reflects the energetic character of the university and the community while the green colour represents the protection of the environment.

Founded in 1911, the University of Hong Kong has nurtured generations of talented graduates who have gone on to serve Hong Kong, the Mainland, and the world. HKU is proud of its contributions to Hong Kong and grateful for the generous support it has received from different sectors of society.

To meet the needs of a growing student population that will come from the new four-year curriculum, and to strengthen HKU's standing as a world-class research-led university, a new Centennial Campus is being built to the west of the existing Main Campus. The new campus will be completed in 2012.

HKU has grown with Hong Kong – and especially with the Central and Western District community – and remains committed to further building these ties between 'town and gown'. Which is why the Centennial Campus Development Office is pleased to announce the launch of the 'Friends of Centennial Campus' programme.

In planning our campus, we invite all stakeholders to share their views through an Open and Respected Process. We wish to build a Unified Campus which promotes a Learning Community, and protects the Environment and Heritage.

The Friends of Centennial Campus aims at building partnership between the University and members of the community through the sharing of knowledge, appreciation of the environment and contribution to the local community.

As a member, you will be able to:

  • Participate in selected seminars, talks and other HKU activities (subject to availability).
  • Contribute to the local community through volunteer work and other activities.
  • Join guided tours of the Centennial Campus and the Main Campus.
  • Join talks and guided tours on themes related to environment and heritage.
  • Organisation members will be offered access to HKU Libraries, and enjoy a 50% discount in joining the HKU Libraries 'Circle of Friends'.
  • Enjoy 10% discount on souvenirs from the HKU Communications and Public Affairs Office.
  • Receive Centennial Campus E-newsletters with the latest project and event information.

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